Small Knowledge of Glasses Science Popularization

One handed removal of glasses is the most common method of causing frame deformation, as for the vast majority of glasses, there is a chain connection between the frame and the legs, with screws or springs in the middle. When wearing glasses with one hand, there will be a situation where one side is pulled apart while the other side of the glasses legs are still pressed against the face. At this point, the legs and chains of the glasses will be pulled outward, causing uneven force on the legs and causing the glasses to tilt.

What kind of glasses are straight

A pair of eyeglass frames mainly consists of these parts: the lens ring, the nose bridge connecting two lens rings, the nose support supporting the nose, the ear hook leg, the pile head and chain connecting the lens leg and the lens ring. If any part undergoes deformation or displacement, it may cause the glasses to tilt.

Glasses are not suitable for high and low ears

The vast majority of people's faces are not completely symmetrical, so it is possible to have one ear high and one ear low on both sides, and high and low ears may indeed cause glasses imbalance. But as long as it is adjusted reasonably by a professional eyewear organization, wearing comfort can be achieved.

Not maintained for a long time

Glasses are corrective tools that need to be worn every day for a long time. Even if they are adjusted in place before, the legs will open and close frequently, resulting in loose screws or excessive accumulation of dust and oil, resulting in astringency of the nasal rest. So, it is recommended that everyone develop the habit of regularly inspecting their glasses.