SHINU affordable optical shop investment plan.

Since 2022. There are many discount stores in Europe that reduce costs because there are no middlemen. Achieved very good results. There are also some retailers who have started to cooperate with us and are doing well. In order to serve more consumers. Now attracting investment in the EU market. Seeking regional collaborators. Develop together.

Advantages: Excellent quality and service, about one-third of the sales price. Optometry and fitting in the store, unified production and delivery. It can help merchants cultivate their own brands.

Specific operating procedures

The store displays 30-100 models of our glasses frames, and the frame cost is 3-15USD (according to material classification). Lens cost is 2-70USD. Production fee is 4-12USD. Our company adds 20% gross profit. The sales price is set by the regional stores themselves. About 60-200USD. After our company receives an order, delivery takes 3-5 days for non-customized items and 5-8 days for customized items. Shipping takes 5-10 days.

The fastest order was placed and the finished glasses were received within 8 days. Finished glasses will be received within 18 days at the latest. Delivered to the buyer by the store.

Investment requirements:

Only one company can cooperate with each area with a population of two million to ensure business development and profit space. You can discuss cooperation if you meet any of the following conditions.

  1. There are more than three self-operated retail stores and there are no cooperative merchants in the area.
  2. Have more than one self-operated store, have an online store that is well-run, and intend to invest more than 10,000 US dollars, and be able to expand more than five alliance stores. There are no cooperative merchants in the area.
  3. There are already cooperative merchants in the area, there are more than five stores, and there are merchants with frame brands. Businesses interested in developing in other regions.
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