Knowledge and instructions for farsightedness glasses

What is farsightedness?

When distant parallel optics enter the refractive system of the human eye and form a focal point behind the retina, it is called the hyperopia eye. Using convex lenses to increase optical convergence and focus on the retina is necessary to obtain a clear image.

It is recommended to choose a full frame for the type of lens, as convex lenses have a thick center and thin edges. If you choose a half frame, the lens on the Nie side will be too thin and will need to be slotted and brushed, which can easily cause edge breakage and damage.

The size of the highly farsighted mirror frame is also very particular,

The size of the mirror ring cannot be too small, because the middle is thick and the edge is thin. If the ring shape is too small, the thin part on the edge will be worn off, leaving the thickest part. If it is too thick, the aesthetics and stability of the assembly will be compromised.

The aperture should not be too large, as a larger aperture size can affect the displacement. The conventional 65 diameter may not be able to achieve the actual pupil distance.