How to choose glasses that are suitable for oneself

1、 For high myopia, try to choose smaller eyeglass frames: Large eyeglass frames not only increase the thickness around the lens, but also increase the weight of the lens. Choosing a compact frame is most suitable for patients with high myopia, and do not use rimless frames. Borderless frames will expose the thickest part around the glasses, making them visually thicker.

2、 Aspheric lenses should be chosen for high myopia: Aspheric lenses with the same refractive index are thinner, lighter in weight, less in optical deformation, minimized in edge aberration, and have a clearer and more natural view.

3、 If the height of the face is relatively chubby, you can choose a mirror with curved legs: even if the frame is small, the legs on both sides will not pinch your cheeks.

4、 Try to choose resin lenses with high refractive index within your own range: lighter, thinner, and less prone to breakage.

5、 The low vision of highly myopic eyes is difficult to correct, and wearing fully corrected glasses is often intolerable. Therefore, when wearing glasses, low correction should be done to improve vision while maintaining comfort. There is no need to pursue the best corrected vision.

6、 High myopia, especially those above -12.00D, often has comorbidities, such as lens and vitreous opacity, fundus lesions, etc. During optometry, it is recommended to determine the best corrected visual acuity. If it can reach 1.0 or above, it is initially considered that there are no comorbidities or mild comorbidities. High myopia should reduce vigorous exercise to avoid retinal detachment.