how to choose anti blue light glasses?

Just now, our store have four types of anti blue light glasses. They are transaparent lens, orange lens, yellow lens and red lens. All of them have the function of blocking blue light which is harmful to eyes. But how to choose one which is better? Here we have a introduction of them.

The red film is too dark. The visible light transmittance is below 10%, reaching the commonly known CAT. 4 It's not allowed to drive. It is also not suitable to be in sunlight. It should not be worn for more than 2 hours.

The transmittance of orange slices is around 35%. Only CAT3. is suitable for long-term use. And yellow night vision films reach around 80%. So it will not affect the judgment of objects.

Red film is suitable for wearing indoors before bedtime. Orange slices are suitable for long-term gaming. Yellow tablets are suitable for driving.

Red films are all red when viewed. The same goes for orange. But yellow usually shines brighter at night. During the day, everything is yellow. This is very natural.

All of these have a drawback, that is, they cannot see natural colors. This is the advantage of transparency. Why are so many people still buying transparent anti blue light. Although only around 20%. But it can maintain the original color. No change.