Glasses maintenance methods and precautions

1. The maintenance of glasses starts from removing and wearing them

When removing and wearing glasses, it is necessary to use both hands. Pay attention to using both hands to hold the tail of the glasses legs and remove and wear them in a parallel upward direction along both sides of the cheeks. If you find that the tension of the glasses is not suitable or the glasses are deformed when taking them off, please adjust them as soon as possible.

2. Correct folding

The eyeglass frame is designed to fold from the left leg of the mirror, so if it is hard to fold from the right leg, it will cause the frame itself to be unbalanced and skewed, resulting in discomfort after wearing the glasses.

3. When the lenses are stained with dust or dirt

When the glasses are dirty, you can hold the center beam of the glasses with your hands and rinse them with water first. If there is a lot of oil and dirt on the surface, it is recommended to use a low concentration neutral detergent to clean. Gently rub with your hands and then rinse with tap water. Moisture can be gently absorbed in the same direction with a tissue and then wiped dry with a specialized eyeglass cloth. Never take a breath and dry wipe with a mirror cloth, which may cause damage to the surface and coating layer of the lens.

4. Correct wiping of the mirror

The correct method is to rinse off small particles on the glasses with water first. If there is no water, use a clean specialized mirror cloth to gently wipe away the dust. Then, be sure to hold and wipe the edge of the frame on one side of the mirror with your hand, and gently wipe the lens in one direction.

5. Remember to wipe off sweat and cosmetic marks

If the lenses come with juice, sweat stains, hair spray, cosmetics, etc., please clean and dry them immediately with water. If not handled in a timely manner, it can cause delamination.