Blue and Green Wavelength Blocking Glasses Disruptive Light Blocking Glasses for Better Sleep Eliminate Eye Strain

red lenses glasses block close to 100% of both blue and green wavelengths. While many glasses block only blue light, recent studies have shown that lower wavelengths also have a significant effect on sleep patterns. We block all wavelengths below 550 nm, which includes blue, green and violet.

BLOCKS BLUE & GREEN LIGHT: Along with blue light, green light also

suppresses melatonin production and prevents restful sleep. These block blue & green light to give you a productive night’s sleep!



RELAX & SLEEP: You will feel an immediate physiological effect when you put these on. You’ll feel relaxed and ready for bed by wearing these 1-3 hours before bed. Less time wasted laying in bed, more time getting deep, restful sleep!


PERFECT FOR TRAVELERS & SHIFT WORKERS: Work at night and sleep throughout the day? Sleep Savior glasses will give you quality day-time sleep. Put an end to jet lag and sleep through your flights.


Best results from wearing these glasses will vary by individual. Recommended to use for between 30 minutes to 2 hours before bed time. We encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you.