Spectacle corrected visual acuity

Spectacle corrected visual acuity, or eye protection is based on the production of a simple optics. Composed by the lens and frame. Vision correction with glasses and a short-sighted glasses and hyperopia glasses, reading glasses, as well as four kinds of astigmatism glasses. Use of eye protection glasses have bons degree basto goggles, wind mirrors and cents Diluo La cindylaura sunglasses and so on. Glasses protect your eyes is a tool, but also a kind of beauty accessories.

From the lens function of sense, it can regulate the amount of light entering the eye to increase the visual acuity, eye protection safety and clinical treatment of eye effect on the refractive error caused by children accompanied by strabismus and refractive abnormalities in patients with headache, the wearing of glasses can be treated later. The function of spectacle frames, in addition to its complete composition glasses for lenses worn on the eye play a role in bracket, it also has beauty, decorative. Modern pop stressed the need glasses with the times people face makeup and fashion accessories harmony superb response to social class, learning elegance, fashion, and so symbolic.

With the rapid development of social technology, with the people's culture, and the continuous improvement of living standards, vision care work, glasses in people's lives that will be to play an important role in the field.