The optician history and qualification of SHINU prescription glasses can be traced back to 2002. Xie Aijun who worked in a glasses factory in Nanjing for 5 years have learned about professional skills and obtained a technician qualification certificate. In 2003, he opened two retail stores in his hometown Wuhan.The founders of SHINU Brand called Xie Aihua and Wang Ju were in charge of the daily operation and management.In that golden age of manufacturing in China, the competition and revenue of domestic retail were obviously more difficult than those of manufacturing and export which had been in business for many years.So in 2007,Xie Aijun went to Wenzhou to build a optical factory called Wen Zhou Lou Qiao Zhan Zhao Glasses which changed his name to Wen Zhou Zhan Zhao Glasses Co., Ltd in 2015.At the same year, SHINU trademark was registered in China and the United States.

Because there are certain restrictions on the sales of prescription glasses on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, and it is difficult for Chinese sellers to obtain qualifications, SHINU mainly focuses on sunglasses and finished reading glasses.But the demand for customized prescription glasses has been more and more.The buyers know what their prescriptions are, and hope that we can make the correct glasses according to the prescription and then send the finished glasses to them. In 2016, AliExpress opened the category of prescription glasses and in 2018, SHOPIFY became popular all over the world, then we have more opportunity to provide online customized services for those in need.

Among the buyers of SHINU, too many people are surprised that they can buy the glasses at about 55$ but are much better than the 300$ or more glasses. Indeed, the Internet allows production and demand to be directly linked has greatly reduced costs, and we can provide more and more product such as custom glasses,prescription glasses , myopia photochromic glasses, vasos personalizados,sunglasses prescription, progressive reading glasses .other function glasses.

Today, the buyers of SHINU are all over the world, relying on word of mouth from the old buyers. We don't have and don't understand advertising. We focus on products and services. SHINU, a small and beautiful Chinese eyewear brand is still the declaration of the SHINU team. It has never changed. We never blindly pursue profit and scale ,we care more about our buyer's feelings. Our general manager, Mr. Xie Aijun, insists on checking and replying buyers’ messages two days a week asking about the effects of use. Not everyone likes custom glasses online,not everyone knows his prescription, but satisfying people with such needs is always the force of our work.