sharing awards

New and old buyers with orders above $35 can participate. Short videos are the main content (graphic blogs can also be used), and the content must focus on introducing or displaying SHINU products, with a playback volume of over 1000. The videos should be shared on the order or sent to SHINU customer service to participate in the evaluation:
The third prize:$50The second prize:$200First Prize: 7-Day Tour in China
Every 10000 orders generate a first prize. A thousand orders generate a second prize, and a hundred orders generate a third prize. Advanced prizes are awarded, with the second prize generated from the third prize, and the first prize generated from the second prize. Buyers are encouraged to produce more good works for our products. Consignment of our products and services is also encouraged. Interested buyers can contact WHATSAPP at+8618058868135."As long as you are willing, Win the prize is easy!SHINU TEAM are always waiting for you in China!Our current incentive program is: meet the brand requirements and price requirements.----Brand SHINU should be in the title and price cannot be lower than 5% of products on AliExpress or SHINU EYEWEAR STORE or WWW.SHINUEEYEWEAR.COM.only can be higher but can not be lower. Sales are calculated on a monthly basis.One dollar per pair for more than 30 orders per month. Over 100 pairs will be $2 per pair. $2.20 for each pair of 500 or more.