photochromic sunglasses

Photochromic sunglasses is not just another pair of reading glasses, but also can be used a pair of photochomic sunglasses. The photochromic lenses are based on the intensity of sunlight and ultraviolet lights, darkening the light grey lens. What's more, these glasses can protect eyes without interfering with your perception of colour. No more need to change glasses when peple who wants to look far, midlle, near area inside or outside. This phochromic progressive multifocal reading glasses bring you conveninece for working, playing, reading, driving, studying and so on.


  1. Automatic discoloration under sunlight
  2. Effective against strong light and Enhance Driving.
  3. Excellent UV protection, anti-reflective, anti-fatigue, scratch proof
  4. Silicone nose pads provides even more grip to ensure good placement
  5. Change Color Automatically Based on the Intensity of Sunlight and Ultraviolet Light