Get Your Perfect Eyeglasses

In 4 Easy Steps

Eyeglasses are for seeing more clearly, but they can also improve your looks and show your unique style and personality.

For an excellent vision, you need an accurate prescription in a well made pair of glasses. 

The eyeglasses prescription depends totally on the optometrist or ophthalmologist who are the experts in this field, but even so problems may occur. 

If you have a hard time getting used to new glasses, the prescription may be wrong, or the glasses are not made correctly. Some lenses, such as progressives, will take longer to get used to.  If you have not adjusted after a week or two, have your glasses checked for accuracy. If they are correct, then you need to see your eye doctor.

The right glasses can improve your image and complement your face, makeup and hair. The right frame will highlight the features that you like best.

Your daily activities will determine if the lens material is glass or plastic; if the frame is rimless or regular; and what kind of coatings to choose.

Follow the Simple 4-Step Process

For durable and comfortable glasses, the first step is to consider your daily activities, when choosing your frame, lenses and accessories.

How to choose the frame that's right for you

The frame must match the shape of your face, be the right size and be comfortable. It can even accentuate your personality.

How to choose your lenses

The main purpose of the lenses is to correct your vision. They can also protect against UV rays, eye strain and sunlight. Their usefulness can be increased by choosing the right material and the best coatings.

How to choose accessories for your new glasses

Accessories protects your glasses, while keeping them close at hand. They can also be fashion items.

Your Perfect Eyeglasses

Imagine yourself with your new glasses ...

You look in the mirror, and you like what you see because:

  • Your vision is excellent
  • The frame is right for your face
  • You like the color 
  • And the price was great 

Everything is Perfect!