A little knowledge about glasses

Glasses have gradually become a part of our lives. As more and more people's eyesight continues to improve, glasses have become the personal items of the public. About glasses, we need to know a lot more, and only by understanding can we better protect our eyesight.

1. Do not take off and wear glasses frequently, which will cause frequent activities from the retina to the lens, which may easily cause the degree to rise.

2. If a friend who wears glasses finds that the existing glasses cannot meet the vision requirements, they should go to a regular institution for a vision inspection in time, correct the degree of myopia, replace the appropriate lenses, and review them regularly.

3. If you put the glasses on the table, do not let the convex surface of the lens contact the table to avoid the mirror surface being worn. Do not put the glasses in direct sunlight or on the heating pack to prevent the frame from deforming and fading.

4. The normal reading angle of the average person is about 40 degrees of depression. Generally speaking, looking directly at the computer screen is an unnatural angle, so it is easy to cause fatigue, sore eyes, and even headaches. Suggested improvement method: Adjust the seat height and the angle of the computer screen so that the center of the screen is between 7 degrees and 10 degrees below the eyes.

5. People with uncorrected visual acuity of 0.4-0.8 with mild myopia do not need to wear glasses when shortsighted. When nearsighted, the lens thickens and the focal length is formed nearer. Mild myopia is necessary to wear glasses because it is difficult to see from a distance, but it is not necessary to wear glasses when looking at close objects such as reading a book. In addition, in order to make the eyes recover from fatigue, do more eye health gymnastics. With a little care, myopia can be prevented.

6. Astigmatism is often aggravated by poor eye posture, such as lying down and reading a book, or even squinting or squinting to see things, which will cause the eyelids to oppress the eyeball inappropriately and affect its normal development, so rejecting bad habits is to prevent astigmatism , to prevent myopia. And these habits are often the cause of myopia, so some people think that myopia will cause astigmatism, in fact, the two are not related.

7. Do not touch the lenses with your hands, because there are oil stains on your hands, and do not use clothes or ordinary paper to wipe the glasses. On the one hand, it will affect your vision if you wipe it cleanly. In close proximity, microbes can be airborne to the eyes, causing eye irritation.

8. Adjust the tightness of the nose pads and frame of the glasses to suit your comfort, otherwise it will cause eye fatigue.