SHINU help you earn $20,000 first

SHINU recruits distributors in all markets, and supports distributors to earn 20,000 U.S. dollars first. Target markets: United States, EU 27 countries, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom and India. If there are people around you who needs our products or if you have used and experienced our products and are interested in selling our products,you can join this activity. We will provide you with a series of support. You only need to invest about 2 hours a day to start this program. AliExpress, EBAY, shopify.
Facebook. Youtube. can all be your sales channel. Show our products in front of people in need, and provide some local customer service.

For our products, please refer to SHINU official website: You can copy any link, but before that, it is better to contact us for more support including product, price and logistics. We have a good plan for your reference in each country. You can also directly contact our team through the official email:

SHINU mainly focus on prescription glasses of customized and we have many functional glasses. If you are engaged in ophthalmology and have a certain understanding of myopia or presbyopia, then we will help you with better service and provide more cost-effective products.