Seven small common sense about glasses

1. Do not take off and wear glasses frequently, which will cause frequent activity from the retina to the lens, which may easily cause the degree to rise. Is myopia surgery good or not? How can the degree of glasses not increase?

2. If a friend who wears glasses finds that the existing glasses cannot meet the vision requirements, they should go to a regular organization for a vision check in time, correct the degree of myopia, replace the appropriate lenses, and review them regularly.

3. If you put the glasses on the table, do not let the convex surface of the lens contact the table to avoid the mirror surface being worn. Do not put the glasses on the place where the sun shines directly or on the heating pack to prevent the frame from deforming and fading.

4. Usually, the normal reading angle of a person is about 40 degrees of depression. Looking directly at a computer screen is usually an unnatural angle, which can easily lead to fatigue, sore eyes, and even headaches. Suggested improvement measures: Adjust the seat bump and the angle of the computer screen so that the screen base is between 7 degrees and 10 degrees below the eyes.

5. People with uncorrected visual acuity of 0.4-0.8 with mild myopia do not need to wear glasses when shortsighted. In myopia, the lens thickens, and the focal length is formed nearer. Mild myopia is necessary to wear glasses because it is difficult to see from a distance, but when reading near objects, such as reading, you don't need to wear glasses. In addition, in order to recover the tired eyes, do more healthy gymnastics for the eyes. Myopia can be avoided with a little care.

6. Precautions for applying eye drops:

1. Wash your hands before applying eye drops;

2. When you need to drop more than two kinds of medicines, there should be at least 3 minutes between the two medicines, and you should close your eyes and rest for a while after applying eye drops;

3. Usually Eye ointment should be applied before going to bed at night to ensure the drug concentration of the conjunctival sac at night; 4. Eye drops that have been opened should not be used again after a long time. If necessary, check the shelf life, color and transparency of the eye drops.

7. After work, you should develop a good habit of blinking more, make sure to blink at least 15 times a minute, so that your eyes can get enough rest, and you can get up and look out of the window in one to two hours, and look at the distant view, which can relieve stress.