Polarized Photochromic Multifocal Sunglasses Men Customized According Buyer Prescription with Astigmatism Diopter

Here all polarized freefrom multifocal lenses.  only change to 3 color.

Note:Please read the following carefully

If you have ever worn progressive lenses glasses and believe that progressive lenses could bring you a better visual effect and comfort; if you are try to use progressive lenses for the first time, please use the following ways, hope it will be a good helper for you.
1 First of all, try to look at the objects far away from the top of the lens. You should feel very clear. It is the same as without wearing glasses because there is no degree of above.
2 Keep you head now, move your eyes downward, and look at the near objects from below the lens. Could you see clearly?
3 Please stretch your arms and take a newspaper to the farthest place. Read through the middle of the lens. If you can’t see it, try to turn your head up and down to find a position that you can see clearly.
4 On both sides of the viewing objects, if the sight sees the objects from two lenses, you might find that clarity I reduced. It’s normal, don’t worry, you just have to rotate your head a little bit and try to look at the center of the lens and you’ll feel very clear.
5 It should be noted that the initial use of progressive lenses requires head movement, but you will soon be able to adjust to it.
6 Just like changing new glasses, there may be have a few uncomfortable at the beginning. If so, don’t worry, this is a normal reaction. Progressive lenses require a very short period of adjustment. The normal time is 3-10 days, because each person’s adaptive ability is different, it may need more time. When you complete the adjustment, you can feel the benefits of our progressive lenses.
7. According to our accumulated data for many years, about 20% of people have astigmatism that needs to be corrected or the luminosity of left and right eyes is different. So please be sure to figure out your prescription, if your parameters are this part, you will feel distorted or uncomfortable wearing this kind of universal glasses. So please clarify your prescription before placing an order for purchase, if you need to customize it. Please contact us.