How to remove scratches from prescription glasses with coating?

Many people search for such problems on Google.That means this phenomenon often troubles people now. The lens of nowadays have more and more functions. 60% of the functions are achieved by coating. So the firmness of the film and the SCRATCHES are obvious to the buyers. However, in daily wear and use, it is inevitable to produce some large or small SCRATCHES due to improper operation. Is there any chance to remove these large or small scratches?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. First of all, the coating process is a vacuum environment, which determines that it is impossible to repair under daily conditions. It will only get worse with repairs. Secondly, the cost of repairing a lens must be higher than the cost of the lens itself. This is the difference between mass production and custom. How to improve this kind of problem? Here I will give you some suggestions which based on the 20 years' experience of working in the production and sales of prescription glasses in SHINU EYEWEAR. Hope it helps you.

Confirm the size and location of the scratches. Clean the lens with warm water. It is better to clean it with ultrasonic if possible. Generally speaking, the physical optical shops will have micro ultrasonics for professional cleaning of lens. If there are more people using frame glasses at home, we recommended you to buy one. It is about 60USD. After cleaning it, please let it dry naturally or wipe it off with a high-quality cloth similar to SHINU BRAND. If the scratches are not in the center of the lens and it is shallow which is less than 2MM, please do not worry, it will not affect your daily use at all. If it is a little obvious and larger than 2mm, but smaller than 5mm, but after you wear myopia or presbyopic glasses, there is no obvious feeling, then it can also be used. If the scratches  is larger than 5mm, usually it is easy to feel. At this time, you can decide whether to replace it according to your feelings. If it is at the optical center and it is greater than 2MM, as long as you feel uncomfortable, we suggest you to change a lens in theory. After a long time of using, there are sometimes many small scratches in the center. Most of them are caused by incorrect cleaning methods. At this time you will feel not as bright as before. then you need to replace the lens in time.

No matter what brand of lens, it usually can be used about two years at most for the people who use the lens in good environment and good habits. the light transmittance of the lens is obviously not as good as that of the new lens if you do not use it carefully. The old lens is not good for vision correction. Replace it with a new lens is the best way.

There are always people who can live their lives. Buying two or more sets of the same style and the same luminosity at a time are always the people who cherish their eyesight. We recommend changing the lenses frequently, but we recommend keeping old-fashioned glasses frames. There are many benefits of doing so.

Firstly, people's eyesight will change, increase or decrease, especially after the age of forty-five. Most of them with myopia will change because of the decrease in luminosity of physiological presbyopia. But there will be no major changes in the shape of a person's face. So when you feel that an optical frame is very comfortable to wear, please keep it for ten, twenty years or even forever. Because your eyes like you doing so. Only change the lens luminosity, your optical center, the prism power caused by the shift of the interpupillary distance, and the height of the pupil may hardly change. Your eyes don't have to adapt painfully to the new environment. This unchanged. Obviously it will make your eyes feel relaxed and comfortable.

As for the lens and vision, we recommend to check at least once a year. If there are obvious scratches, peeling phenomenon, even if the prescription has not changed, it is recommended to replace it. If you can replace the lens bt yourself, you can add another pair of lens when ordering the glasses. If you are a buyer of SHINU, this will not cost much. In this way, you can deal with problems easily.

Not long ago, a customer from Brazil ordered a pair of glasses with 1.67 progressive multifocal lens. It is about 110USD. But the same lens in the local area costs almost 400 USD. Accidentally, the frame of the glasses was broken, we suggest him to change a new frame which is no more than 10 USD. He replaced the lens by himself. So when he bought a pair of single-vision sunglasses again in my store, he bought an ordinary sunglasses frame as a backup. This alternate method is really good.