How to prevent myopia from deepening? SHIINU has a good way! Progressive is more suitable for young people!

Myopia means that you can’t see clearly far away, and single-vision prescription lenses can only correct vision for far-sightedness. For most students or young workers, it takes more time to look close than to look far, but looking close does not require the luminosity of looking far. Therefore, visual fatigue is produced, leading to the deepening of myopia. Some people take off their glasses when they look closer, but after taking them off, they can't see the scenery two meters away, and they also suffer from visual fatigue. It will also lead to the deepening of myopia.   

In addition to maintaining good eye habits and participating in outdoor sports, using progressive films is a good choice. Carl Zeiss and Essilor produced this kind of progressive film very early and used a nice name, anti-fatigue lens. The principle of this glasses is the principle of progressive film.  ADD+0.75 means the degree of the top area for looking near is 75 degrees lower than the degree of the bottom area for looking far. I believe that the parameters of this ADD are formed on the basis of a large amount of data analysis, so most people (more than 50%) use this kind of lens to have a good effect. However, the high price makes it unacceptable for many people.

SHINU has been mainly engaged in the sales of progressive multifocus glasses for eight years. We have classified and mass-produced lenses based on the market analysis. We have controlled the price of high-quality lenses very well whose price is not much different from ordinary lenses. The ones without astigmatism are only about 10% of the market price of mainstream brands, and the FREEFORM lenses with astigmatism are only about 25% of the market price. Many buyers are very excited after using our products, talking about incredible, while complaining that some lens dealers make money too much. In fact, we only did some supply chain optimization after market segmentation, which greatly reduced costs. We also have to make money. This is impossible for large companies and the old model.

SHINU has always advocated that regular visual inspections are one of the important means to protect eyesight. Only by understanding the changes of prescriptions can we effectively prevent and control them. Here, please ask your ophthalmologist to check the close luminosity for you as the basis for your glasses. Do not just because you have 6.00 or 7.00 degrees of myopia, just look far and near. If there is a big gap between the upper and lower light gap and 75 degrees, for your health, it is recommended to choose the same lens as the prescription. The difference is within 15 degrees can only use those with anti-fatigue lenses.

SHINU has always been committed to the protection of eyesight. If you have the opportunity to read this article and agree with it, please forward it to those in need.