can you get blue light glasses with a prescription ?

After the smart phone appeared, the harmful blue light with a wavelength between 380-550 microns damaged our eyes for a very long time.Therefore There are too many blue light blocking glasses with different grades, different materials and different processes, which effectively reduce the harmful blue light damage to our eyes. But if you often wear prescription glasses, do you also need blue light-proof glasses? The answer is yes. At the same time you need to pay more attention to the details than others.

The current anti-blue prescription lens have three processes in mainly. One is the toner blocking blue light, the second is blue film blocking blue light, and the third one is the combination of the above two with toner and blue film coating. The first type and third type have slight chromatic aberrations from the traditional radiation-proof lens, but people with higher refractive power can feel it. So if you can accept or are accustomed to the blue film, it is better to use the second type. The blocking efficiency of blue light ranges from 15% to 40%. Among them, the toner with green film has the weakest function, because the green film will reduce the blocking efficiency. The third type is the best. However, many people are not used to the blue film glasses, which is dazzling and not comfortable enough. So when you choose, you have to consider it comprehensively.

In fact, if you are nearsighted, your daily correction is based on seeing far away. Anti-blue light glasses is better to look closer,especially when the difference between looking far and near is more than +150 degrees. At this time, you can consider to buy a pair of special glasses for close use. This is more scientific. People who look far and near are not necessarily equipped with progressive multifocal glasses. To prepare  two pairs of glasses with two function glasses which sometimes costs less. Because if you have astigmatism, the cost of progressive lens is usually higher than two pairs of single vision glasses.

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